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We combine social interaction
and long-term monitoring
to help people live independently.

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GiraffPlus is funded by the European Community's Framework Programme Seven (FP7) under contract #288173. FP7 - ICT - Challenge 5: ICT for Health, Ageing Well, Inclusion and Governance. Duration: 01.01.2012 to 31.12.2014

Workpackage 1

The objective of this WP is to provide the definition of the main functionalities of the GiraffPlus Intelligent Environment grounded on information about user's perspectives. Hence, the WP is dedicated to the identification of the real user needs, a careful analysis of the selected technology and the synthesis of the technical requirements for the GiraffPlus system.

Deliverable 1.1 User Requirements and Design Principles Report

Deliverable 1.2 Technological Component Specifications

Deliverable 1.3 System Reference Architecture

Workpackage 2

The objective of this WP is to coordinate the design and development of the overall system by taking into account the functional specifications provided by the WP1 and the functional requirements derived by the activities of WP3 and Wp4 and feedback from WP6 evaluation activities. Three different versions of the system is scheduled in this WP (M12, M18 and M30).

Deliverable 2.1 First Prototype of Sensors, Giraff Platform and Network System

Deliverable 2.2 Second Prototype of Sensors, Giraff Platform and Network System

Workpackage 3

The overall aim of this WP is to develop and deploy the techniques necessary for inferring context from physiological and environmental sensor readings and acting appropriately upon this inference.

Deliverable 3.1 Context Inference and Configuration Planning Prototypes

Deliverable 3.2 Integrated and Refined Reasoning Infrastructure and Deployed Prototypes

Workpackage 4

This is a research and development WP dedicated in the large to design and development of services suited to adaption for specific classes of users of the GiraffPlus system. The contribution of this WP can be subdivided into two main objectives:

  • Interaction and Visualization Service (IVS)
  • Personalization Service (PerS)

Deliverable 4.1 The Interaction and Visualization Service and Personalization Module Alfa Release

Workpackage 5

The objective of this WP is to ensure that the modules developed in other WPs are seamlessly integrated in the system and that the successive versions of the complete system are properly tested in a realistic home environment before the system is deployed in the test sites. Preparation for the milestones and the video demonstration are also part of this WP. Finally it ensures the remote support of the test sites.

Deliverable 5.1 Preliminary Technological Integration

Deliverable 5.2 Video - Milestone 1

Deliverable 5.3 Video + report - Milestone 2

Workpackage 6

In orchestration with the WP1 activities, the objective of this WP is to ensure a User Centered Design (UCD) approach for the GiraffPlus system, actively involving users during the entire development cycle ranging from the analysis, observation, design and verification phase. The WP will cover all phases of the system evaluation involving users (both primary and secondary) with the aim of obtaining useful feedback for driving the GiraffPlus technological refinement. The overall goal of is to obtain a product that is perceived as worth to be used, effective, integrated into daily living and that gives added value to the user according to their specific experience and needs. Within this goal, the WP evaluates safety, reliability, and the ethical aspects of the system and gives input to the technical work in WP2, 3, 4, 5 and the exploitation WP8.

Deliverable 6.1 Preliminary Evaluation Report

Workpackage 7

The general objective of dissemination activities, is to provide awareness about the "to date" status of the GiraffPlus project and outcomes, and about Giraff+'s ultimate goals. Within this WP, efficient ways of communication with the business, scientific and general public communities will be identified, pursued and established.

Deliverable 7.1 Brief Project Presentation in English

Deliverable 7.2 Project Website

Deliverable 7.3 Dissemination Plan

Deliverable 7.4 First Report on the Dissemination Activities

Workpackage 8

The WP is responsible to:

  • Identify the business environment of GiraffPlus(macro-environment and market)
  • Provide a new and innovative business model suitable for GiraffPlus
  • Define an exploitation strategy supporting the business model developed for the GiraffPlus system
  • Assess intellectual property rights relative to the state-of-the-art
  • Management of property rights until GiraffPlus project will be completed
  • Leverage from the testsites to access large scale organizations responsible for services for the elderly, as well as interest organizations for the elderly and elderly related illnesses
  • Promote the system using the results of the use worthiness evaluation to attract the relevant industries to contribute towards commercialization
  • Ensure the system communication and data format comply to current open standards
  • Interact with standardization organizations to estend AAL reference use cases according to GiraffPlus business model
  • Liaison with external projects and organizations

Workpackage 9

The objective of this WP is to effectively manage the project and correctly report to the European Commission. This includes the design of a project management plan (PMP) in order to guarantee rapid overview of the progress of the project including financial elements and timely reporting to the EC. The formulation of the PMP together with the production of interim and final progress reports focused on the project results will ensure the consistency of the actions to be undertaken with the specific and overall project objectives.

Deliverable 9.2 First Progress and Management Report

Deliverable 9.3 Second Progress and Management Report