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We combine social interaction
and long-term monitoring
to help people live independently.

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GiraffPlus is funded by the European Community's Framework Programme Seven (FP7) under contract #288173. FP7 - ICT - Challenge 5: ICT for Health, Ageing Well, Inclusion and Governance. Duration: 01.01.2012 to 31.12.2014

2014-09-16 GiraffPlus at ForitAAL
The 5th of September, Amedeo Cesta, Gabriella Cortellessa and Andrea Orlandini (CNR-ISTC) presented the GiraffPlus project at the 5th Italian Forum on Ambient Assisted Living (ForitAAL) in Catania, Italy. An interesting set of practitioners, end users and authorities attended the Forum over the three days of the event (September 3-5, 2014).

The focus of the GiraffPlus presentations was on project results related to personalization activities, sensors-based services as well as on the general innovative aspects of the project. In particular, two papers have been presented and are part of the forum proceedings that collects AAL activities in Italy.

A list of title and authors list of the contributions related to the GiraffPlus project follows here:

  • ADAPTIVE REMINDERS IN AN AMBIENT ASSISTED LIVING ENVIRONMENT - R. De Benedictis, A. Cesta, L. Coraci, G. Cortellessa, A. Orlandini
  • SENSOR-BASED AAL SERVICES FOR ACTIVE AND HEALTHY AGEING - P. Barsocchi, G. Bernardi, A. Cesta, L. Coraci, G. Cortellessa, R. De Benedictis, F. Furfari, A. Orlandini, F. Palumbo, A. Stimec