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We combine social interaction
and long-term monitoring
to help people live independently.

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GiraffPlus is funded by the European Community's Framework Programme Seven (FP7) under contract #288173. FP7 - ICT - Challenge 5: ICT for Health, Ageing Well, Inclusion and Governance. Duration: 01.01.2012 to 31.12.2014

2014-05-30 Report on the Progress Meeting in Coimbra, May 27-28

The fifth Progress Meeting in GiraffPlus was held at Pólo II of the University of Coimbra, Portugal on May 27-28. Taking place during the 29th month of the 36 month project, the meeting was used both to discuss what actions needed to be done on a short-term basis but also to discuss long-term strategic questions about the GiraffPlus system. It is expected that a new version of DVPIS will be released in June, that version of DVPIS will provide information about the status of test sites on a high-level. Also during June, the work on creating the third video about the GiraffPlus system will be conceived.

With regards to dissemination of the project:

  • Amy Loutfi will speak at http://www.tech.plym.ac.uk/SoCCE/CRNS/staff/adinuovo/NFSRE/ on August 25th. The workshop, which is dedicated to the memory of Professor Silvia Coradeschi, is held in conjunction with the 23rd IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • GiraffPlus plans to have a booth at AAL Forum. The forum is held in Bucharest, Romania on September 9-12.
  • GiraffPlus hopes to organize a final dissemination event in November. More information will soon be provided.