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We combine social interaction
and long-term monitoring
to help people live independently.

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GiraffPlus is funded by the European Community's Framework Programme Seven (FP7) under contract #288173. FP7 - ICT - Challenge 5: ICT for Health, Ageing Well, Inclusion and Governance. Duration: 01.01.2012 to 31.12.2014

2013-05-06 Book Paragraph Dedicated to GiraffPlus

Marcello Turno from ASL RM/A has published a new textbook Una notte senza luna. Manuale di base per l'orientamento degli operatori psicogeriatrici (A moonless night. Basic textbook for psychogeriatrics operators) Second edition. A paragraph in the textbook "New perspectives for the aging and live independently: the project GiraffPlus" is dedicated to GiraffPlus. The textbook is used by his students in psychology and other students in medicine and cooperative operators.